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Micro Measure & Instruments is an Indian company established in 1978. The company begins with manufacturing and supplying wide range of products and has grown into one of India's leading manufacturer of all kind of microscopes and other industrial instruments including Metallurgical Laboratory Instruments.


The main products include : Student Microscopes, Pathological Microscopes, Stereoscopic Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Tool Maker's Microscopes, Profile Projectors, Polishing Machines, Specimen Cutters, Specimen Mounting Press, Brinell Microscopes, Jominy end Quench, Specimen Leveller, Overhead Projector, Slide Projectors, Microtome, Vernier Microscopes, Spectrometer, Polarimeter & a number of pharmacology Instruments.


Our Metallurgical Instruments are fabricated from selected raw material by skilled workers and engineers. Their through check up and strict quality control make 'ALMICRO' instruments the best. All the Metallurgical instruments manufactured by us under the trade mark 'ALMICRO' stand 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects with free after sales service.


Since its existence, 'ALMICRO' has created a wide dealer network all over India. It has been manufacturing Scientific Instruments for leading suppliers in India.


The success of the organization is a result of a number of factors including.


  • A comprehensive and diverse product range.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing policy offering the best value for customers.
  • Substantial experience obtained through bread and dynamic customer base.
  • Large and sophisticated warehouses and distribution capabilities.
  • An experienced and committed staff and management team.